Information Gathering with Recon-ng (also learn Recon-web)

In the previous article of this series, we learned about how to use theHarvester tool. theHarvester is a good tool but, it is not sufficient when it comes to Information Gathering. theHarvester is mainly used for passive reconnaissance, Passive Recon means gathering info about the target without directly querying it. Rather we used Social media profiles, and…Continue Reading Information Gathering with Recon-ng (also learn Recon-web)

What is an API?

Have you ever shopped at a place that promised lower prices, by cutting out the middleman? Although this might make things easier in the real world by not having to deal with that cheesy storefront and high-pressure salesman. But that middleman is actually very important in the computer world. The Wikipedia definition for API goes…Continue Reading What is an API?