• Finding Technical Weakness with Nikto

    In the previous article of this series, we learned how to use Recon-ng. Through this tool, we have known how we can gather information about our target. Now it’s time to identify technical weakness the target may have in its services like web apps, networks, servers, etc… But before doing so keep in mind that […] More

  • Information Gathering with Recon-ng (also learn Recon-web)

    In the previous article of this series, we learned about how to use theHarvester tool. theHarvester is a good tool but, it is not sufficient when it comes to Information Gathering. theHarvester is mainly used for passive reconnaissance, Passive Recon means gathering info about the target without directly querying it. Rather we used Social media profiles, and […] More

  • Information Gathering with “theHarvester”

    This is the first tool in the Red Team Tools series that I will be talking to you today. In this post, you will learn how to gather both technical and helpful information about your target using theHarvester tool. In a red team engagement, one of the most important steps of the whole project is gathering information […] More